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Kira Malinina - playwright, director, drama teacher, gestalt therapist, performer. Since 2010 - a member of the Union of Theater Workers of Ukraine. Since 2009 to 2015 she was the director of tanztheatre "laboratoryia teatrra" (together with Julia Danilenko; choreographer).


Since 2010, works as a stage director at a "School of modern theatrical and stage directions". Performances on her plays are in the "Molodoi Theater" (Kiev),  in Kharkov's, Dnipro's, Sarapul's, Ivano-Frankovsk's theatres. Teacher of educational projects Class Act and "Classroom Drama". The winner of the British Council's project in Ukraine "Taking the stage". As a playwright, she took part in the laboratory of the STD of the RF and the Gogol Center "Cinema-Theater", the result of which was the performance "I Ask for the Words" in the space of the "Boyars Chambers" (directed by Gleb Cherepanov, 2013). Participated in the director-dramaturgy laboratory "Yasnaya Polyana"(Yasnaya Polyana, head M. Ugarov, 2007); K. Serebrennikov's directorial laboratory "Transcription" (Moscow, 2012), the School-festival "Territory" (Moscow, 2012), the director-dramaturgy laboratory at the Cherkasy Academic Music and Drama Theater. T. Shevchenko (Cherkassy, ​​2013), in the Laboratory of Young Directors in the framework of the International Theater Festival. A. Chekhov (Moscow, 2017). She is a participant of numerous theatrical and dramatic festivals in Russia and Ukraine.