of young composers and playwrights

Lecturers 2018

Jim Shaeffer

chief director and artistic director of Center for Contemporary Opera in New York


Roman Reeger

Dramaturge of Staatsoper Berlin and guest dramaturge of  festivals for contemporary music Easter Festival Baden-Baden and the Munich Biennale and Infektion!


Dmitry Kurlyandsky

Composer, musical director of the "Electrotheatre Stanislavsky"

Natalia Pshenichnikova

avant-garde singer, composer, performance artist, artistic director of the theater of voice "La Gol"

Andrey Ustinov

Soviet and Russian musicologist, journalist, music critic, publisher. The artistic director and producer of a number of cultural projects, the editor-in-chief of the “Musical Review” national newspaper.

Feodor Elutin

Impresario, entrepreneur, theatrical producer of such experimental projects and productions as "Your Game", "Remote Moscow", "Black Russian", "Cops on Fire", "Candidate".

Scharlotte Zeither

Composer, guest at international festivals like ISCM World Music Days Tongyeong, Gaudeamus Amsterdam, Wien Modern, Encuentros Santiago de Chile, Biennale di Venezia or BBC Proms 


Alexander Zurbin

Soviet and Russian composer, Honored Artist of Russia.

Denis Kargaev

Culture marketing expert, co-founder of the

"TEAM + 1" production company

Aya Makarova

Opera critic and a specialist in directing Opera theatre

Vladimir Rannev

Composer, music critic

Eugeny Kazachkov

Scriptwriter, playwright, teacher. One of the Theatre.Doc contributors. The Lubimovka Young Russian Playwrights Festival artistic director.

Alexander Arefiev

Theatre, screen and performance Set Designer

Vladislav Tarnopolsky

Musicologist, curator of cultural projects

Yaroslav Frantsev

Director, choreographer, dance performer, founder of the RADI SVETA theater company

Vera Martynov

Artist, director, curator of theater project

Igor Kholopov

Composer, Moscow Composers Union member