of young composers and playwrights


Alexey Parin

writer, librettist, translator, music critic, author of books on the history of opera

Evan Gardner

composer, producer, art director OPERA LAB BERLIN (Germany)

Dmitry Kurlyandsky

Composer, musical director of the "Electrotheatre Stanislavsky"

Natalia Pshenichnikova

avant-garde singer, composer, performance artist, artistic director of the theater of voice "La Gol"

Julia Bederova

musicologist, music critic, author of the publishing house "Kommersant", coordinator of the Association of Music Critics

Michail Muginshtein

historian of the opera, music critic, dramaturg, author of the three-volume encyclopedia "400 years of opera".

Michel Poels

baritone, producer, artistic director of the opera company "Zangstudio Haarlem" (Netherlands)

Peter Pospelov

music critic, editor of the department of culture of the newspaper Vedomosti, composer, curator of musical projects

Ekaterina Pospelova

musician, translator, librettist

Vladimir Tarnopolsky

composer, art director of ensemble "Studio for New Music"

Vladimir Rannev

composer, music critic

Filipp Chijevsky


Maria Kroupnik

art-manager, translator

Vladislav Tarnopolsky

musicologist, curator of cultural projects

Alexey Sumak

composer, professor of the Moscow Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky

Semyon Alexandrovsky

director, actor, founder of the "Pop-up" Theater

Igor Yakovenko

pianist and composer, author of the course Improvisation and contemporary academic music

Yaroslav Timofeev

musicologist, musical critic, candidate of art criticism