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In 2003 graduated from the Studio-School of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre (MHAT). The course of D. Brusnikin, R. Kozak, A. Pokrovskaya.

Graduated from the first "School of theatre leader" at the Meyerhold Theatre Centre.


Work experience


Theater teacher in the Moscow Art Theatre Studio-school (Dmitry Brusnikin Studio).

A co-founder of an independent art group Le Cirque de Charles La Tannes.


Director of the following productions in the leading theatre venues in Russia and abroad:

«Cops on fire» and «Crystal World» (Le Cirque de Charles La Tannes, Moscow),

«This is also me. Verbatim» (Praktika Theatre, Moscow),

«Second Vision» (Boyarskie Palati, Moscow),

«A Doll’s House» (Priyut Komedianta Theatre, Saint-Petersburg),

«Shakespeare. The labyrinth» (The Theatre of Nations, Moscow),

«Normansk» (Meyerhold Theatre Centre, Moscow),

«The pyramid» (Muzeon Park of Arts, Moscow),

«Swan» (Meyerhold Theatre Centre, Moscow),

«Woe from Wit» (Daugavpils teātris, Latvia)

«The Hippie Revolution» (Ugala Theatre, Viljandi, Estonia ) a part of a theatre series "A history of the century" devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. 

«Eugene Onegin» (M. Gorky Russian State Academic Drama Theatre, Astana) 


Worked as an actor in Moscow Art Theatre and the Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre.


Collaborated with numerous museums and galleries.


Nominations and Awards


Nominations at the National Theatre Awards «The Golden Mask-2014» for «A Doll’s House» (Best director) and «The Golden Mask-2015» for «Normansk» (nomination «Experiment»).

Awarded the Grand Prix at the festival "Textura-Olymp" 2011 (Sochi) for «Cops on fire» (Le Cirque de Charles La Tannes, Moscow).


Audience choice award at the festival "Textura" 2012 (Perm) for «This is also me» (Moscow Art Theatre Studio-school). 


Awarded the Grand Prix at the festival SAMGAU 2018 (Astana) for «Eugene Onegin» (M. Gorky Russian State Academic Drama Theatre) .