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Born in Tashkent, 1984. She graduated from the International Journalism Department of Uzbek State University of World Languages (2006). She wrote her first play in 2006. Since 2008 she has lived in Moscow and worked in a number of TV's, radio's companies as well as in “The New Times” political magazine. Ekaterina started collaborating with the Theatre.Doc in 2010 working on a documentary production “1 hour 18 minutes”.


Her first documentary play “Noise” examines a true incident, in which a teenage boy in the Russian provinces shot dead a friend for drawing a black dot on his nose.


In 2014 she started working as a chief-dramaturg of the New Stage of Alexandrinsky St.-Petersbourg.


At the same time she started collaboration with dance artist Tatiana Gordeeva. In the works they 've created  together - «Leopard's Spots» “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”  among them (the Meyerkhold centre) -  Ekaterina participates as a performer.



Works and projects:



Dramaturge of the performance “Marten’s passion” (festival ART OBRAG, Vyksa, director Anna Abalikhina);


Play «Master-piece» (for theatre group ORTA, Almaty, performance “Lightpsassingaway Sergey Kalmykov”, festival New Drama, the Meyerkhold centre”, 2018);


Play «Cellulose, Liquid Theatre, Community stage, performance “Now you know”;


«You are judged not for this» (dance performance in the frames of co-project Gogol-centre and InLiberty foundation based on Natalia Gorbnevskaya's  book «Midday».




Play “Women and children”, participant of the main programme of Lyubimovka 2017, staged in Kalinigrad drama theatre;


Documentry play about Zelenograd «Squirrel, pines, chips”  for Vedogon theatre (Zelenograd);


Text of the performance-promenade «Listen to Tobolsk» (festival Territoria, director Galina Zalzman);


Dance performance “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (together with a dance artist Tatiana Gordeeva, the Meyerkhold centre)




Dance performance “Leopard spots” (together with a dance artist Tatiana Gordeeva, the Meyerkhold centre)





 “The hero-city” as a co-author with Tatiana Rakhmanova (playwright), Marat Gatsalov (director), the New Stage of Aleksandrynsky theatre, S.-Petersburg;


 Dance performance «Leopard spots» as a co-author with Tatiana Gordeeva (dance artist), S.-Petersburg;


2013-2016 - chief-dramaturg of the New Stage of Alexandrinsky St.-Petersbourg. For two seasonss she was organising two big festivals: «New play for kids» and «Contemporarry European dramaturgue»




- Text for «Telluria» based on Vladimir Sorokin's book, Marat Gatsalov (director), the New Stage of Aleksandrynsky theatre. S.-Petersburg




Play «Babylon tower», Marat Gatsalov (director), Russian theatre in Estonia, Tallinn;


**-** «Dad leaves, mum lyes, granma dies», Yriy Mravitsky (director), Meyerhold centre, Moscow;


Dramaturge of a dance performance-installation «Neurasthenia» (Dialogue-dance, Gogol-centre, Moscow).




Text for performance “Uzbek”, Theatre of Joseph Beuys, Teatr.doc, Moscow (director and actor Talgat Batalov)


Play «Plus Minus 20» (co-author with Sasha Denisova, «Ilkhom» theatre, Tashkent);


Text for a dance performance «Hystory of a soldier» («Platforma» Project, Moscow, 2012);


Collecting materials for Theatre.Doc's documentary performances (Two in your home, 2012);


Curator of Theatre.Doc's documentry projects.





«Plus-Mines Twenty» documentary play written in cooperation with Sasha Denisova and Talgat Batalov within the «Live author to the live theatre» Laboratory (director Boris Gafurov, Ilhom Theatre, Tashkent)




- «SHUM» production premiered at the Theatre.doc; director: Talgat Batalov

- collection of documentary information for the production «1 hour 18 minutes» (the author of the play Elena Gremina, director: Mikhail Ugarov)